No matter your reason to live in Emporia, local residents enjoy the ease of the city, the friendliness of fellow residents and family-oriented amenities. Finding a home that meets your needs is easy in Emporia. In fact, TheTravel.com recently ranked Emporia one of the ten most affordable small towns in the U.S.

Finding a home

Emporia provides a wide variety of living accommodations for everyone. Whether you want to be at the center of it all with a downtown apartment for rent or condo for sale, or you want to find a quiet and friendly neighbor, there are plenty of options for you in Emporia.

Realty in Emporia boasts a sustainable market with strong market resale. With the low cost of living, you have the freedom to live in a spacious home without breaking the bank. You are able to live comfortably, giving you the freedom to enjoy your earnings.

New Developed Living

During the last several years, Emporia has seen an increase in the construction of new homes. There are also vacant lots in new developments just waiting for you to design and build your own dream home.

Apartment Living

If apartment living is more your style, there are many options to choose from scattered throughout Emporia. Close to Emporia State University (ESU) are several complexes that are geared to the student population. Emporia also offers a variety of complexes for working individuals, families and the retired.

Classic Comfort

Emporia takes pride in its unique historical homes. In this district of Emporia, you can expect tree-lined streets and homes with grand columns and front porches to provide a welcoming retreat.

Downtown Living

Want to be near the action and nightlife? There is a new sense of energy in Emporia. Settle into a modern loft overlooking the historic downtown district and be at the heart of it all. Mixing the new with the old, lofts are available in some of the newly constructed buildings as well as being refurbished in some of the historic buildings.